Reseller FAQ

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Any server may be used to purposes of reselling services. There is no need to "sign up" for any special plan.

Reseller Benefits

3 Servers - Accounts which have three or more servers will receive Flex95 Burstable Bandwidth included free with all servers.

10 Servers - Accounts with ten or more servers will automatically receive, at no additional cost, extra bandwidth on each server along with the free Flex95 Burstable Bandwidth. Servers on the 10 Mbps data plan will receive a free upgrade to 35 Mbps. Servers on the 50 Mbps data plan will receive a free upgrade to 100 Mbps.

White Label Servers

When you order a server you have the option to set the host and domain names. If you set these options then your chosen OS will be installed with your own host and domain names instead of the default "generic" host and domain names. The default reverse DNS (PTR) is set under the domain.

Our Secure Network API

Take 2 Hosting provides an API to our service control system. This offers customers and resellers the ability to seamlessly integrate with the Take 2 Hosting automation features. The API offers a simple and secure way to manage all of your Take 2 Hosting services. You may find out more about our API here.